Hulicat on KTVU - Salmon Season Opens

The Blessing of the Fleet at Pillar Point Harbor

Video of " The Blessing of the Fleet at Pillar Point Harbor.".  Click to watch video of Hulicat on KTVU with happy Salmon anglers sporting their catch. Visit our Reservations page to book your trip now!

Live Video - Salmon Fishing on Hulicat!

2016 Salmon Season!

Salmon Season Opens on April 2nd

Salmon season is almost here!  Check out these beauties (click photos to enlarge), from last year's opener -  first Salmon caught aboard Hulicat's in the 2013 season. 

We had 16 fish for 16 anglers last year.  Pretty good numbers considering it takes a good portion of valuable fishing time to locate fish on the first day of the season.  We were fishing only 10 miles from the harbor!  Make your reservations NOW for this year's opener!!!

Visit our Fishing Photo Gallery (under "Fishing"), and check out our Salmon Fishing  charters.  Or visit our Reservations page to book your trip now!

First Hulicat Salmon of 2012 Season!
First Hulicat Salmon of 2012 Season!

Rockfish Season Opens April 1!

June 1, through December 31, 2015

Rockfish Season opens soon!  Book a Salmon trip, Rockfish trip OR, ask about our combo Rockfish/Salmon trips!  Visit our Reservations page to book your trip now!

This angler catches a BIG Lingcod! A real nice Vermillion caught by this angler
Nice rockfish caught this day

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Eye on the Bay - Water Adventures

On Board Hulicat!!

"We splash our way around the bay area to show some exciting water adventures, including great fishing spots in Half Moon Bay." Click below to visit Eye on the Bay and watch the two videos of Channel 5 fishing on Hulicat....

Click to visit Eye on the Bay and watch the two videos!
Click to visit Eye on the Bay and watch the two videos!

As seen in San Francisco Examiner and on

We were briefed on boat safety by Huli Cat Captain and Owner Tom Mattusch Our boat, the 53 feet long, Coast Guard certified Hulli Cat, arrived and we boarded.


Sunday June 2, 2007

Sharon Gray - Photographer and author

"To learn more about Humpback Whale behavior and in hopes of spotting Delta and Dawn, I went on a whale watching expedition out in the Pacific Ocean with the Oceanic Society. I saw six humpback whales, but could not identify whether or not they were Delta and Dawn. Below the photo is a PhotoLog of my whale-watching trip (aboard the Huli Cat)..."

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Part I

Part II

Dungeness Crab Fishing is OPEN!!!

Recreational Crab Season is now open


Crabbing on Hulicat

NOAA has now opened the Recreational Crab season!  New party boat limits are now 10 crab per person!  Crab trips now booking,.  Visit our rates page and give us a call to book your trip now!

Whale Video & Photos

Whales putting on a great show!
Humpback Whale Feeding Gray Whale Breaching

While fishing, we have seen many Humpback whales and Grey Whales feeding, traveling and breaching in the area.  Be sure to visit our Photo Gallery (under Other Charters), and check out our Whale Watching charters. The charter boat of choice for the Oceanic Society, your experience aboard the Huli Cat will be the very best!

Turn your sound on and
click here to watch whale movie clip!

Turn your SOUND ON and click here to view the whale movie clip!

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U.S. Coast Guard Vessel Certified
State of California Cremated Remains Disposer License: Number CRD 361
Captain Tom Mattusch, IGFA Certified Captain



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